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We have a number of service offerings which are based on globally accepted methodologies and standards with a strong focus on aligning with our client's requirement

Computer Based Trainings (CBTs)


Computer Based Trainings are self-led trainings which can be delivered via desktops or laptops as well as mobile devices. These trainings can be done with or without internet connection based on customer needs.



Come and have a talk with us about putting together a customized top quality onboarding experience to aid with induction of new and/or experienced hires into your organisation

Explainer Videos


These are short, animated videos which focus on simplifying business concepts, Explainer videos are a great tool for presenting ideas, products and services in a form that not only explains but attracts attentions



This is the addition of gaming concepts to learning or business activities. Gamification is a great approach which helps make the overall learning experience more enjoyable as well as effective

Classroom Training


We also provide short classroom trainings with a focus on industry and/or functional areas. Seasoned professionals facilitate these sessions​

Business Consulting


We offer the following business consulting services as well


  • Business process optimization

  • Proposal writing

  • Development of business plans

  • Organisation design

  • Market feasibility study

  • and lots more...

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