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9ijakids Games

9ijakids is a subsidiary of Lorem Excellentiam Services which focuses at providing a fun and holistic approach to learning for children. Through 9ijakids games, children have a fun and enjoyable experience while learning in the following categories

  • Academics (covering English, Science, Maths, Music, Geography, History and so much much)

  • Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship

  • Values (e.g. Honesty, Courtesy, Tenacity, Patience and lots more)

  • Bible Games (covering Bible Characters and teachings)

  • Nigerian Culture and Heritage

More details can be obtained from the 9ijakids website


TestAssessify, a gamified recruitment platform is a subsidiary of Lorem Excellentiam Services. Gamification in recruitment is all about gamifying the components of the hiring process – most notably, the assessment stages.  We blend exciting elements of gameplay with complex workplace scenarios to create immersive and interactive game-based recruitment assessments. l

Top talent is priceless. Here are some benefits of using our platform

  • More Actionable Outcomes - our technology allow companies like yours to engage top talent at scale, resulting in better matches and improved employee performance.

  • Candidate Experience Re-Imagined - our clients are reducing candidate no-shows by meeting candidates where they are, while exponentially growing their talent pools and winning the war for top talent by creating an engaging and fun alternative to the standard recruiting process.

  • Hire the best faster - Our screening tests automatically grade and rank your candidates, drastically reducing the time you speen screening CVs and running pre-qualifying interviews

  • Job performance predictor - With TestAssesify, you can test candidates for job-specific skills like as well as more general skills like critical thinking

Visit the TestAssessify website for moe information:

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