In Latin, "Lorem" means customer while "Excellentiam" means excellence, our name therefore means customer excellence as we are committed to working with our clients to achieve excellence. 


Lorem Excellentiam is a professional service company which offers a broad range of innovative services and solutions in the areas of training, professional development, customer service as well as business consulting.


We work with our clients to identify their business requirements in order to offer tailored and customized high quality solutions in line with global standards.


Our management team is headed by


Olufemi Ladega: A seasoned and highly experienced international business and technology executive with extensive experience gained through various global consulting, enterprise architecture, business and IT transformation and outsourcing engagements. He has a proven track record working with board-level executives and senior managers to provide business vision and strategic direction across industry sectors.


Tolulope Ogunremi: A proven software architect with deep expertise in the development of educational and payment solutions for several clients in Nigeria. He is conversant with leading software development principles and technologies. 


Ememabasi Umana: An excellence driven individual who is passionate about improving the quality of the Nigerian workplace as well as personal development. She has led teams in the areas of facilities management as well as project management.


Luqman Abolaji: An experienced professional who has worked with the leading global consulting companies in the areas of IT implementations, project management, training, process optimization as well as business development


Our delivery team consists of project managers, business consultants, IT consultants, HR consultants with deep industry and business skills focused at delivering excellent customer service just as our name implies. 


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